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Brent Lovelock
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Centre for Recreation Research

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Brent is an Associate Professor with the Department of Tourism. His background is in natural resource management and protected area tourism and recreation. Brent's main research interest has been the application of sustainable tourism – in its broadest sense – environmentally, socially and politically. He has undertaken research in North America, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region, examining collaborative planning processes for sustainable tourism development. Brent's interest in sustainable tourism has seen him become involved in regional tourism planning, and Brent successfully led a team of researchers in the development of a sustainable tourism strategy for the Catlins region in the south of New Zealand. He has undertaken further consultancy work for various nature-based tourism providers.

In his administrative roles, Brent is a course advisor for the BCom and Chair of the Department’s Teaching and Learning Committee. Brent also coordinates TOUR 219 (Destination Management), and TOUR 418 (Destination Management Strategies).

Research Interests

A current major research interest involves consumptive forms of wildlife tourism and recreation - hunting, shooting and sportfishing. He has recently published a book on this topic (Tourism and the Consumption of Wildlife: Hunting, Shooting and Sportfishing (Routledge: London 2008)) that has been received as “…one of the best collections of empirical and theoretical works in tourism in recent years… This book is highly recommended” (Annals of Tourism Research, 35 (2008), pp. 842-843). Brent's current work on hunting involves cross-national comparative research on obstacles to the growth of hunting as a sustainable form of recreation/tourism, based on the work in Europe, Africa and New Zealand. He is also involved in an international collaborative research project exploring recreational and touristic fishing as a sustainable economic activity within remote maritime communities – having undertaken field research on Stewart Island, the Chathams, and in the Lofoten Islands, Norway.

A further research focus considers constraints and access issues for recreationists and tourists. Brent recently published the findings from a study that explored links between physical mobility, environmental values and attitudes to the development of motorised access to the backcountry of New Zealand. In 2008/9 Brent led a team on SPARC funded research that investigates the participation of recent immigrants in outdoor nature-based recreation in New Zealand, and their attitudes to the natural environment. In 2009/10 Brent led a further SPARC funded research project that explored commitment to a range of nature-based recreational pursuits – including tramping, mountaineering, freshwater angling and hunting.

An growing focus for Brent’s research concerns the ethics of tourism. Brent has undertaken work examining the ethics of the travel industry with respect to travel to destinations with human rights issues. He is the co-author of a book “The Ethics of Tourism: Critical and Applied Perspectives” (Routledge: Londond, 2013).

Brent has recently received a grant from the India New Zealand Education Council to undertake research on medical tourism in India. This builds upon his current work on the medical tourism experiences of New Zealanders who have travelled abroad for treatment.

Major Work

Lovelock, B.A. & Lovelock, K. (2013). The Ethics of Tourism: Critical and Applied Perspectives.  Routledge: London.

Lovelock, B.A. (ed.) (2008). Tourism and the Consumption of Wildlife: Hunting, shooting and sportfishing. Routledge: London.

Selected Recent Publications

Lovelock, K.M. and Lovelock, B.A. (in press). Medical Tourism: Consumptive practice, ethics and health care - the importance of subjective proximity. In Boluk, K, and Weeden, C. (eds) Managing Ethical Consumption in Tourism.  Routledge, London.

Reis, A., Jellum, C. and Lovelock, B. (in press) Linking Tourism Products to Enhance Cycle Tourism: The Case of the Taieri Gorge Railway and the Otago Central Rail Trail, New Zealand, Annals of Leisure Research.

Reis, A., Thompson, A. and Lovelock, B. (in press) Parks and families: Addressing management facilitators and constraints to outdoor recreation participation, Annals of Leisure Research.

Lovelock, B.A. (2013) Taking the ethical highroad: modelling travel patterns in an ethical world, Tourism Review International, 16(3), 183-202.

Lovelock, B., Jellum, C., Thompson, A., & Lovelock, K. (2013). Could Immigrants Care Less about the Environment? A Comparison of the Environmental Values of Immigrant and Native-Born New Zealanders. Society & Natural Resources: An International Journal, 26(4), 402-419.

Shephard, K., Harraway, J., Lovelock, B., Skeaff, S., Slooten, L., Strack, M., Funrari, M. & Jowett, T. (2013). Is the environmental literacy of university students measurable? Environmental Education Research. doi/pdf/10.1080/13504622.2013.816268

Lovelock, B., Lovelock, K., Jellum, C. & Thompson, A. (2012). Immigrants' experiences of nature-based recreation in New Zealand. Annals of Leisure Research, 15(3), 204-226. doi:10.1080/11745398.2012.716618

Lovelock, K., Lovelock, B., Jellum, C., & Thompson, A. (2011). In search of belonging: Immigrant experiences of outdoor nature-based settings in New Zealand. Leisure Studies 30(4), 513-529.

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Riza, Y. and Lovelock, B.A. (2006). Optimising economic returns from protected area tourism: Tourism-related income and expenditure trends of the Department of Conservation, New Zealand. Tourism Economics, 12(4), 659-666.

Lovelock, B.A. & Boyd, S.W. (2006). Impediments to a cross-border collaborative model of destination management in the Catlins, New Zealand. Tourism Geographies, 8(2), 143-161.

For a more complete list of publications and funded research grants/projects please see Further Publications and Funded Research Grants/Projects.

PhD and Masters Supervision - Current

PhD   Susan Weidmann, Dark tourism, and heritage representation, Salem, USA.
PhD   Felix Bello, Community planning and involvement in protected area tourism, Malawi.
PhD   Fernando Oyarzun, Tourism policy, shark tourism and adaptive co-management, Stewart Island, NZ.
PhD   Jovel Ananayo, World Heritage management, and stakeholder collaboration/perceptions, Ifugao Rice Terraces, the Philippines.
PhD   Fiona Bakas, Handicraft Tourism, female entrepreneurship and social reproduction, Greece.

MCom  Leon Jiang, Economic value of freshwater angling, Otago, NZ.

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