Nestlé Marketing Scholarship

Nestlé University of Otago Marketing Scholarship 2014

Applications close on Friday 23rd August, 2013 at 12 noon.

Who Can Apply?
BCom Marketing students from the University of Otago who intend to enrol for a 4th year of study (Honours) in 2014.

NZ$5,000 to be administered by the University of Otago Marketing Department for the student’s fees and research costs in their final year of study.

Other Benefits of the Scholarship:

2014 Honours Dissertation:
The student’s dissertation must be in an area relevant to the FMCG industry. The student chooses the topic, in conjunction with their supervisor, and consults with Nestlé.

Further Employment Opportunities:
There is no obligation for the scholarship winner to work for Nestlé upon successful completion of their degree, just as there is no obligation for Nestlé to offer employment.
However, if the scholarship recipient would like to work for Nestlé and there are suitable vacancies, the student would be considered for any such position along with other candidates.

Application Instructions:
Applications close on  Friday 23rd August, at 12 Noon

Applicants should submit a 3 page curriculum vitae and a one page covering letter to:

Dr L. McNeill
Nestlé Scholarship Coordinator
Department of Marketing
University of Otago
PO Box 56

Applications can be posted or dropped off at reception, Department of Marketing, University of Otago.


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2012 Nestlé Scholar

Matthew Anderson
BCom (Hons) Marketing

Matthew Anderson
The 2012 Nestlé Marketing Scholar Winner:
Matthew Anderson

“Nestlé, the guys who make chocolate right?” was the most common response when mentioning what I was going to be doing over the summer. What I learnt over my internship demonstrated that Nestlé is a company extending far beyond chocolate.

My summer was spent in my hometown of Wellington with the tremendous people at the Nestlé Central Regional office. I worked with everyone from merchandising to territory and category managers. What you quickly appreciate is the scale and necessary accuracy of some of the tasks to be conducted on a daily basis. While I have never been a numbers person, spending time working on the Nestlé forecasting models was an incredibly valuable experience. Never has the reality of what we study at university been better presented to me than watching what happens when you run out of stock during a promotion.

Nestlé was also extremely generous and flew me to Auckland for a week to participate in their business activities at their central office. Sitting in on meetings with media buy teams, forecasting and supply chain and brand management quickly gave me an impression of how broad the business is and what I might want to do upon graduation.

The final piece that I would add was how thankful I am for my time at Nestlé. My fourth year research is going to be focused on packaging health claims, an idea that came to me when looking at Nestlé Planograms. Most of all, the internship has given me a frame of reference for whenever I am doing academic work. Being able to think about real world situations gives my work an edge that I could not have gained without Nestlé. This was an opportunity that was amazingly rewarding, with a company that makes going above and beyond its every day goal.

2011 Nestlé Scholar

Vanessa Moore
BCom (Hons) Marketing, BSc Food Science

Vanessa Moore
The 2011 Nestlé Marketing Scholar Winner:
Vanessa Moore

The Nestlé scholarship strongly appealed to me as having a food science background it represented an opportunity to learn real sales and marketing skills from one of the leading global FMCG companies and at the same time develop personal skills in a business environment. This was further influenced by the chance to increase my knowledge of the industry and put the theoretical knowledge I’d gained at university into practice.

Over the summer I was stationed in Nestlé’s head office in Auckland and although based here I was mostly out in the trade with the sales team. Over this time I gained significant experience of the FMCG industry from a sales perspective.  Initially I found sales quite daunting with the sheer scale but soon came to enjoy it, and see that knowledge of where your products are bought and sold is critical in developing good sales and marketing skills.

I also spent time with the marketing department, which allowed me to learn how they develop the essence of the product for the consumer. During this particular week I also had the opportunity to sit in on meetings regarding development of commercials and new promotions with advertising agencies.

As a key part of the internship program I was exposed to most of the Nestlé corporate structure; learning about, consumer trends and research, supply chain and logistics and how these are integrated with both sales and marketing. This really opened my eyes about the extensive process of getting a product to market and the importance of both external and internal relationships.

What I found to be the greatest asset of Nestlé New Zealand were their people. They are passionate about what they do and only too willing to share their skills and systems with an intern. Such an enthusiastic team really enhances what is already a great learning environment.

My time at Nestlé has been of immense value with many varied and challenging experiences, all of which has put me in a great position for my future within the FMCG industry.

2010 Nestlé Scholar

Lucy Acland
BCom (Hons) - Marketing

Emma Wyeth
The 2010 Nestlé Marketing Scholar Winner:
Lucy Acland

The Nestlé scholarship was appealing to me as Nestlé is one of the largest companies in the world, presenting the opportunity for me to further my marketing knowledge while gaining an insight into its business.

During my summer internship I worked at the Nestlé head office in Auckland. Although I was based at the office, every day was new and exciting, working with new people and in new places. Over the three months I gained invaluable experience in the field of sales, working with Nestlé products in supermarkets across Auckland and the North Island, learning that it is crucial to understand where and how your product is bought and sold. I also had time working solely within the marketing side of the business; working with brand managers and meeting some of Nestlé’s market research and advertising agencies. I especially loved observing the development of new products and campaigns in the office, and then being able to see them come to life in the market. The internship program ensured that I was exposed to most of the Nestlé corporate structure, learning about category management, supply chain and logistics.

The people are a real asset at Nestlé. All of the staff were extremely friendly and welcoming while I was there, helping me to learn quickly about the industry. Being part of such a large company has given me a great foundation for my career and insight into where a job in marketing could take me. I am now eager to finish my studies and get into the workforce!

2009 Nestlé Scholar

Emma Wyeth
BCom (Hons) - Marketing

Emma Wyeth
The 2009 Nestlé Marketing Scholar Winner:
Emma Wyeth

The Nestlé Scholarship was exactly what I was looking for over the summer break, a chance to see what I had been studying for three years put into action. The chance to work within the largest FMCG company in the world was an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss.

During the course of my internship I worked in Southland as a Merchandiser which meant that I was able to be directly involved in an FMCG environment. I was also fortunate enough to spend a week at the Nestlé Head Office. Here I was able to experience what was involved within the different facets of the Marketing Department. This included New Product Development, Category Management, Brand Management  and Customer Acquisition.

All of the staff were tremendously hospitable. They continually endeavoured to impart their knowledge of the industry to me and subsequently I learnt a tremendous amount. Having seen marketers in action in the real world within such a fantastic company meant that at the completion of the internship I was really inspired to commence my fourth year of study.

2008 Nestlé Scholar

Kieran Williams
BCom (Hons) - Marketing

Kieran Williams
The 2008 Nestlé Marketing Scholar Winner:
Kieran Williams

When I first became aware of the Nestlé Scholarship I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to plan beyond my University studies. Such an opportunity would give me a great foundation for my career, as I had very little knowledge of marketing in the real world.

Throughout the majority of my internship I worked as a Sales Representative within the Hamilton region, calling into supermarkets on a daily basis. This came as a shock to me at first. However, sales turned out being far more enjoyable and challenging than I could have ever imagined. I was given my own car, regular tutorials from sales management and eventually sent out by myself.

Nestlé also provided me with a taste of the marketing side of the business. This involved a week working with product managers, and meetings with marketing managers and Nestlé’s outsourced market research and advertising agencies.

For such a large company the culture within Nestlé was very friendly and welcoming. Nestlé went to great lengths to ensure my time with them ran smoothly and I was well looked after. It was an experience that I have learnt more from than I could have imagined, and a career that I could definitely see myself enjoying.

2007 Nestlé Scholar

Tee Wern Lim
BCom (Hons) - Marketing / BA - PPE

Tee Wern
The 2007 Nestlé Marketing Scholar Winner:
Tee Wern Lim

When Tee was first approached to apply for the Nestlé Scholarship, he initially declined the opportunity thinking the scholarship didn't quite sound like him.

"I was struggling to think up a dissertation topic in the food and beverage and FMCG areas - I wouldn't say they are where my main interests lie," says Tee.

But when he looked into the scholarship in more detail, he found that his initial assumption of the scholarship being all about marketing canned foods and chocolate bars (and having to write a dissertation on such subjects) was not the case.

And so, Tee decided to apply - a move which he is the first to admit has paid off in dividends and has changed the course of his study.

Tee Wern Lim is the 2007 Nestlé Scholar.

Nestlé offers the scholarship annually to a University of Otago student studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) or Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing as part of its Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry training programme.

The scholarship includes $5000 towards fees and dissertation costs and a summer internship.

"I'm so honoured to have been selected. It was very competitive with several of the top students in marketing applying for the scholarship. It's has been a really worthwhile process and I'm really glad that I applied," says Tee.

This summer, while his fellow students will be hitting the beaches, Tee will be hitting the streets with Nestlé's Sales and Marketing team selling Nestlé products to retailers.

For Tee, the internship, based in his home-town of Palmerston North, will provide an excellent opportunity to see the marketing theory he is learning in class put into practice.

On his return to Otago next year he will begin his Honours dissertation on corporate social responsiveness focusing on Nestlé as a case study.

"Before the scholarship even came up, I had been considering the area of corporate social responsiveness, and its effect on consumer perceptions and behaviour, as a possible dissertation topic. I also recently completed an assignment on blogging, and its effects on companies. It sort of clicked that maybe I could use Nestlé as a case study, and investigate the relevance of corporate citizenship in the FMCG sector," says Tee.

"My dissertation topic proposal was the basis of my application for the scholarship, and was something I felt would differentiate me from the other applicants. Nestlé were obviously interested, and they are now looking forward to working through some of the details regarding my dissertation for next year. Hopefully, working with them over summer will give me an inside view of the company, which should be useful when writing my dissertation."

In addition to his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) Tee is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.