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International Business Graduate Profile

The degree in international business has been designed to provide graduates of the programme with a mix of skills to enable them to operate effectively in the global business environment.

Students complete Stage Three (300 level) papers in Management, Marketing, Economics and Finance. On completing the degree students should possess the following attributes:

In addition, the programme provides students with the opportunity to develop their written and oral communications skills in an international business context by means of regular class presentations and report writing.

Understanding economics, marketing and the mechanics of moving products around the world is great start for a career in international business, but very often the key to success is understanding the customer’s cultural context.

To communicate in the customers’ language is a real bonus; when socialising as well as when in negotiations, but with the language comes an insight into the culture. We employ a lot of people with good degrees but those with another language have a real advantage when it comes to overseas project work and postings; especially if matched with time offshore using their second language.”

Alan Richardson
Otago/Southland Regional Manager
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

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