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BCom students are required to complete a set of seven 'core' required papers, ensuring that every BCom graduate has a broad understanding of the business environment.

100 Level Papers

Students who have not taken Economics in their secondary schooling (i.e., high school) will be advised to undertake both BSNS 104 and ECON 112 (18 points).

All but BSNS 103 and BSNS 106 are recommended in a student’s first year of study toward the BCOM (INTB) major, as well as at least two language/cultural papers. At an absolute minimum, students are encouraged to take BSNS 102, BSNS 104, BSNS 107 and BSNS 108 in their first year.

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200 Level Papers

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300 Level Papers

Important note: The specific prerequisites for each of the above papers generally do NOT apply to International Business students.


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