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ISSN 0111-1760 (Print)
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2014 Series

1410: David Fielding and Shef Rogers
Monopoly Power in the Eighteenth Century British Book Trade


1409: David Fielding
Mapping Medieval and Modern Chauvinism in England


1408: Svetlana Adrianova, Badi H. Baltagi, Panicos Demetriades, David Fielding
Ethnic Fractionalization, Governance, and Loan Defaults in Africa


1407: Meltem Ucal, Mehmet Hüseyin Bilgin, Alfred A. Haug
Income Inequality and FDI: Evidence with Turkish Data


1406: Jeong-Yoo and Nathan Berg
Quantity restrictions with imperfect enforcement in an over-used commons: Permissive regulation to reduce over-use?

1405: Dan Farhat
Information Processing, Pattern Transmission and Aggregate Consumption Patterns in New Zealand


1404: Dan Farhat
Artificial Neural Networks and Aggregate Consumption Patterns in New Zealand


1403: deleted due to request from journal editor


1402: Nathan Berg and Todd Gabel
New Reform Strategies and Welfare Participation in Canada


1401: Stephen Knowles and Maroš Servátka
Transaction Costs, the Opportunity Cost of Time and Inertia in Charitable Giving


2013 Series

1318: David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
Can you spare some change for charity? Experimental evidence on verbal cues and loose change effects in a dictator game

1317: Kim Economides, Alfred A. Haug, Joe McIntyre
Are Courts Slow? Exposing and Measuring the Invisible Determinants of Case Disposition Time

1316: Alfred A. Haug and Vincent C. Blackburn
Efficiency Aspects of Government Secondary School Finances in New South Wales: Results from a Two-Stage Double-Bootstrap DEA at the School Level

1315: Trenton G. Smith and Attila Tasnadi
The Economics of Information, Deep Capture, and the Obesity Debate

1314: Nathan Berg and Jeong-Yoo Kim
Prohibition of Riba and Gharar: A signaling and screening explanation?

1313: Alfred Haug, Tomasz Jedrzejowicz and Anna Sznajderska
Combining Monetary and Fiscal Policy in an SVAR for a Small Open Economy

1312: Paul Hansen, Nicole Kergozou, Stephen Knowles and Paul Thorsnes
Developing countries in need: Which characteristics appeal most to people when donating money?

1311: P. Dorian Owen
Measurement of Competitive Balance and Uncertainty of Outcome

1310: Sarah Baird, Erick Gong, Craig McIntosh, Berk Özler
The Heterogeneous Effects of HIV Testing

1309: P. Dorian Owen and Nicholas King
Competitive Balance Measures in Sports Leagues: The Effects of Variation in Season Length
Supporting Information

1308: Nathan Berg, G. Biele and G. Gigerenzer
Does Consistency Predict Accuracy of Beliefs?: Economists Surveyed About PSA


1307: David Fielding
How Much Does Women’s Empowerment Influence their Wellbeing? Evidence from Africa


1306: Dan Farhat
Awareness of Sexually Transmitted Disease and Economic Malady: A First Look Using Search Engine Query Data

1305: David Fielding & Chris Hajzler
Comment on Relative Price Variability and Inflation in Reinganum's Consumer Search Model

1304: Nathan Berg & Todd Gabel
Effects of New Welfare Reform Strategies on Welfare Participation: Microdata Estimates from Canada

1303: Alfred Haug
On Real Interest Rate Persistence: The Role of Breaks

1302: Dan Farhat
An Agent-based Model of interdisciplinary Science and the Evolution of Scientific Research Networks

1301: Dan Farhat
The Economics of Vampires: An Agent-based Perspective



2012 Series

1205: Dan Farhat
Artificial Neural Networks and Aggregate Consumption Patterns in New Zealand

1204: Mathias Sinning & Steven Stillman
Where Should I Live? The Locational Choices of Australians and New Zealanders

1203: Simona Fabrizi, Steffen Lippert, Clemens Puppe & Stephanie Rosenkranz
Suggested retail prices with downstream competition

1202: Simona Fabrizi & Steffen Lippert
Corruption and the Public Display of Wealth (pdf 339k)

1201: Viktoria Kahui & Claire W. Armstrong
Search and destroy: a bioeconomic analysis of orange roughy fisheries on seamounts in New Zealand (pdf 455k)


2011 Series

1117: P. Dorian Owen & Niven Winchester
The impact of US fresh milk production standards on dairy trade (pdf 201k)

1116: Rob Lawson, Paul Thorsnes & John Williams
Consumer Response to Time Varying Prices for Electricity (pdf 318k)

1115: Paul Thorsnes, Robert Alexander & David Kidson
Low-income housing in high-amenity areas: Long-run impacts on residential development (pdf 563k)

1114: Mark McGillivray, David Fielding, Sebastian Torres & Stephen Knowles
Does Aid Work for the Poor? (pdf 247k)

1113: Simona Fabrizi and Steffen Lippert
Due diligence, research joint ventures, and incentives to innovate (pdf 2,302k)

1112: Francis Bloch, Simona Fabrizi and Steffen Lippert
Learning and Collusion in New Markets with Uncertain Entry Costs (pdf 501k)

1111: Willie Lahari
Exchange Rate Volatility and Choice of Anchor currency - Prospects for a Melanesian currency Union (pdf 513k)

1110: Willie Lahari
Assessing Business Cycle Synchronisation - Prospects for a Pacific Islands Currency Union (pdf 313k)

1109: Alfred A. Haug and Ian P. King
Empirical Evidence on Inflation and Unemployment in the Long Run (pdf 472k)

1108: David Fielding and Fred Gibson
Aid and Dutch Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa (pdf 164k)

1107: David Fielding, Chris Hajzler and Jim MacGee
Determinants of Relative Price Variability during a Recession: Evidence from Canada at the time of the Great Depression (pdf 358k)

1106: Subhasish M. Chowdhury & Stephen Martin
Innovation Races with the Possibility of Failure (pdf 312k)

1105: David Fielding
New Zealand: The Last Bastion of Textbook Open-economy Macroeconomics (pdf 191k)

1104: Alison Barber, Paul Hansen, Ray Naden, Franz Ombler and Ralph Stewart
Who’s next? A new process for creating points systems for prioritising patients for elective health services (pdf 152k)

1103: Dan Farhat
Bookworms versus Party Animals: An Artificial Labor Market with Human and Social Capital Accumulation (pdf 1,397k)

1102: David Fielding
The Dynamics of Aid and Political Rights (pdf 180k)

1101: Alvin Etang, David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
What Sort of People Vote Expressively? (pdf 196k)

2010 Series

1016: Alvin Etang, David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
Are Survey measures of Trust Correlated with Experimental Trust? Empirical Evidence from Cameroon (pdf 75k)

1015: Daniel Farhat
Virtually Science: An Agent-based Model of the Rise and Fall of Scientific Research Programs (pdf 2060k)

1014: Syed Abul Basher, Alfred A. Haug and Perry Sadorsky
Oil Prices, Exchange Rates and Emerging Stock Markets (pdf 540k)

1013: Alfred A. Haug and William G. Dewald
Money, Output and Inflation in the Longer Term: Major Industrial Countries, 1880-2001 (pdf 243k)

1012: Chris Hajzler
Resource-based FDI and Expropriation in Developing Economies (pdf 484k)

1011: Chris Hajzler
Expropriation of Foreign Direct Investments: Sectoral Patterns from 1993 to 2006 (pdf 499k)

1010: Viktoria Kahui
(pdf not available) Economic incentives for Hooker's sea lion bycatch in New Zealand

1009: David Fielding
Inertia and Herding in Humanitarian Aid Decisions (pdf 199k)

1008:Alvin Etang, David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
Giving to Africa and Perceptions of Poverty (pdf 178k)

1007: Nicholas King, P. Dorian Owen and Rick Audas
Playoff Uncertainty, Match Uncertainty and Attendance at Australian National Rugby League Matches (pdf 366k)

1006: Ofra Golan, Paul Hansen, Giora Kaplan and Orna Tal
Health Technology Prioritisation: Which criteria for prioritising new technologies, and what are their relative weights? (pdf 226k)

1005: P. Dorian Owen
Measuring Parity in Sports Leagues with Draws: Further Comments (138k)

1004: Svetlana Andrianova, Badi H. Baltagi, Panicos O. Demetriades and David Fielding
The African Credit Trap (pdf 350k)

1003: David Fielding and Anja Shortland
What Explains Changes in the Level of Abuse Against Civilians during the Peruvian Civil War? (pdf 282k)

1002: Daniel Farhat
Capital Accumulation, Non-traded Goods and International Macroeconomic Dynamics with Heterogeneous Firms (pdf 514k)

1001: Willie Lahari
Permanent and Transitory Shocks among Pacific Island Economies - Prospects for a Pacific Islands Currency Union (pdf 1182k)

2009 Series

0911: Onur Koska
A Model of Competition Between Multinational Firms (pdf 358k)

0910: Onur Koska
Foreign Direct Investment For Sale (pdf 350k)

0909: Daniel Farhat
Endogenous Labor Supply, Heterogeneous Firms and International Business Cycles (pdf 608k)

0908: P. Dorian Owen
Limitations of the relative standard deviation of win percentages for
measuring competitive balance in sports leagues
(pdf 125k)

0907: Alvin Etang, David Fielding and Stephen Knowles
Does trust extend beyond the village? Experimental trust and social distance in Cameroon (pdf 281k)

0906: Jan-Jan Soon
When do students intend to return? Determinants of students' return intentions using a multinomial logit model (pdf 199k)

0905: Niven Winchester and Raymond T. Stefani
An innovative approach to National Football League standings using optimal bonus points (pdf 254k)

0904: V. Kahui and C. W. Armstrong
Comment: The Economics of Interdependent Renewable and Non-renewable Resources revisited (pdf available on request from the authors)

0903:Liam J. A. Lenten and Niven Winchester
Optimal Bonus Points in the Australian Football League (pdf 248k)

0902: Panicos Demetriades and David Fielding
Information, Institutions and Banking Sector Development in West Africa (pdf 224k)

0901: Libertad González and Tarja Viitanen
The Long Term Effects of Legalizing Divorce on Children (pdf 211k)

2008 Series

0812: John Ballingall and Niven Winchester
Food miles: Starving the poor? (pdf 197k)

0811: Stephen Knowles and P. Dorian Owen
Which Institutions are Good for Your Health? The Deep Determinants of Comparative Cross-country Health Status (pdf 375k)

0810: Angus Charteris and Niven Winchester
Dairy disaggregation and joint production in an economy-wide model (pdf 264k)

0809: David Fielding
Health Aid and Governance in Developing Countries (pdf 177k)

0808: Alvin Etang
Modelling the Effects of Socio-Economic Characteristics on Survey Trust: Empirical Evidence from Cameroon (pdf 192k)

0807: David Fielding
Inflation Volatility and Economic Development: Evidence from Nigeria (pdf 184k)

0806: Jan-Jan Soon
The determinants of international students' return intention (pdf 171k)

0805: Willie Lahari, Alfred A. Haug and Arlene Garces-Ozanne
Estimating quarterly GDP Data for the South Pacific Island Nations (pdf 316k)

0804: Kevin Duncan, Peter Philips and Mark Prus
The Union Threat Effect in Construction: An Illustration with Data from Plumber and Pipefitter Union Locals (pdf 200k)

0803: Ngo Van Long and Frank Stähler
A Contest Model of Liberalizing Government Procurements (pdf 166k)

0802: Arlene Ozanne and Phyll Esplin
To work or not to work ... that is the question: A classroom experiment on how the labour market operates (pdf not available at present)

0801: Niven Winchester
Is there a dirty little secret? Non-tariff barriers and the gains from trade (pdf 226k)

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2007 Series

0715: Niven Winchester
Shifting the 'goal posts': What is the optimal allocation of Super Rugby competition points? (pdf 226k)

1714: W Robert J Alexander, Alfred A. Haug & Mohammad Jaforullah
A two-stage double-bootstrap data envelopment analysis of efficiency differences in New Zealand secondary schools (pdf 234k)

0713: Alvin Etang, David Fielding & Stephen Knowles
Survey Trust, Experimental Trust and ROSCA Membership in Rural Cameroon (pdf 141k)

0712: Alfred A. Haug & Syed A. Basher
Linear or Nonlinear Cointegration in the Purchasing Power Parity Relationship? (pdf 327k)

0711: Jørgen Drud Hansen & Jørgen Ulff-Møller Nielsen
Market Integration, Choice of Technology and Welfare (pdf 206k)

0710: Ngo Van Long, Horst Raff & Frank Stähler
The Effecets of Trade Liberalization on Productivity and Welfare: The Role of Firm Heterogeneity, R&D and Market Structure (pdf 216k)

0709: Martin Richardson & Frank Stähler
Fair Trade (pdf 319k)

0708: Hans Jarle Kind & Frank Stähler
Another Tale of Two-Sided Markets (pdf 150k)

0707: Alfred A. Haug & Christie Smith
Local linear impulse responses for a small open economy (pdf 432k)

0706: Peter J. Lambert
Positional equity and equal sacrifice: design principles for an EU-wide income tax? (pdf 172k)

0705: Giovanni Facchini, Marcelo Olarreaga, Peri Silva & Gerald Willmann
Substitutability and Protectionism: Latin America's trade policy and imports from China and India (pdf 256k)

0704: David Fielding & Stephen Knowles
Measuring Aid Effectively in Tests of Aid Effectiveness (pdf 63k)

0703: David Fielding
Aid and Dutch Disease in the South Pacific (pdf 97k)

0702: David Fielding & Kalvinder Shields
Regional Asymmetries in the Impact of Monetary Policy Shocks on Prices: Evidence from US Cities (pdf 123k)

0701: Scott McCracken & Frank Stähler
Economic integration and the choice of commodity tax base with endogenous market structures (pdf 219k)

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2006 Series

0609: Frank Stähler
Newspapers and Advertising: The Effects of Ad-Valorem Taxation under Duopoly (pdf 575k)

0608: Frank Stähler
Trade Policy and Public Ownership (pdf 922k)

0607: Arlene Garces Ozanne
A Bounds Test Approach to the Study of Level Relationships in a Panel of High-performing Asian Economies (HPAES) (pdf 194k)

0606: Niven Winchester
Trade and Rising Wage Inequality: What can we learn from a Decade of Computable General Equilibrium Analysis? (pdf 193k)

0605: Niven Winchester
Searching for the Smoking Gun: Did Trade Hurt Unskilled Workers?(pdf 198k)

0603: M. Richardson and Niven Winchester
More (or Less) on Necessarily Welfare-Enhancing Free Trade Areas (pdf 297k)

0601: David Fielding and Madeline Penny
"What Causes Changes in Opinion about the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process?" (pdf 261k)

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2005 Series

0529: Niven Winchester, David Greenaway and Geoffrey V. Reed
Skill Classification and the Effects of Trade on Wage Inequality (pdf 214k)

0528: Niven Winchester and David Greenaway
Rising Wage Inequality and Capital-Skill Complementarity (pdf 216k)

0527: Benoît Julien, John Kennes and Ian King
"Residual Wage Disparity and Coordination Unemployment" (pdf 463k)

0526: Benoît Julien, John Kennes and Ian King
"Monetary Exchange with Multilateral Matching" (pdf 409k)

0525: Benoît Julien, John Kennes and Ian King
"The Mortensen Rule and Efficient Coordination Unemployment" (pdf 193K)

0524: Niven Winchester
"A Classroom Tariff Setting Game" (pdf 807k)

0523: Niven Winchester
"Chasing the Rising Sun: A Computable General Equilibruim Evaluation of Potential Australasia-Japan FTAs" (pdf 180k)

0522: Frank Stähler
"Partial Ownership and Cross-Border Mergers" (pdf 279k)

0521: Horst Raff, Michael Ryan and Frank Stähler
"Asset Ownership and Foreign-Market Entry" (pdf 343k)

0520:Paul Hansen & Franz Ombler
(pdf not available) "A new method for scoring additive points systems, based on potentially all pairwise rankings of all possible alternatives"

0519: Benoît Julien, John Kennes and Ian King
"Implementing the Mortensen Rule" (pdf 328k)

0518: Benoît Julien, John Kennes and Ian King
"Directed Search without Price Directions" (pdf 358k)

0517: Merwan Engineer, Ian King and Nilanjana Roy
"The human development index as a criterion for optimal planning" (pdf 133k)

0516:Frank Stähler
"A Model of Outsourcing and Foreign Direct Investment" (pdf 238k)

0515: Daniel P. McMillen and Paul Thorsnes
"Housing Renovations and the Quantile Repeat Sales Price Index" (pdf 221k)

0514: Paul Thorsnes and John Reifel
"Tiebout Dynamics: A Small-Area Study of the Response to a Central-City / Suburban House-Price Differential" (pdf 626k)

0513:Horst Raff, Michael Ryan and Frank Stähler
"The Choice of Market Entry Mode: Greenfield Investment, M&A and Joint Ventures" (pdf 271k)

0512: Eberhard Feess and Frank Stähler
"Revenue Sharing in Professional Sports Leagues" (pdf 285k)

0511: Peter Dawson, Stephen Dobson, John Goddard and John Wilson
"Are football referees really biased and inconsistent? Evidence from the English Premier League" (pdf 218k)

0510: Tommy Lundgren
"Measuring Regional Welfare Considering Natural and Cultural Resources" (pdf 221k)

0509: David Fielding and Kalvinder Shields
"Asymmetries in the Effects of MOnetary Policy: The Case of South Africa" (pdf 203k)

0508: David Fielding and George Mavrotas
"The Volatility of Aid" (pdf 283k)

0507: David Fielding and Anja Shortland
"An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth." A Study of Political Violence and Counter-insurgency in Egypt (pdf232k)

0506: David Fielding and Anja Shortland
Are Americans more Gung-Ho than Europeans? Evidence from Tourism in Israel during the Intifada (pdf 310k)

0505: David Fielding and Sebastian Torres
Health, Wealth, Fertility, Education and Inequality (pdf 264k)

0504: David Fielding and Sebastian Torres
Cows and Conquistadors A Comment on the Colonial Origins of Comparative Development (pdf 255k)

0503: Niven Winchester
Liberating Middle Earth: How will Changes in the Global Trading System Affect New Zealand? (pdf 234k)

0502: Phillip J Hall
Resolving a Public Good Dilemma using Reward and Sanction Mechanisms (pdf 212k)

0501: W Robert J Alexander and Mohammad Jaforullah
Scale and pure efficiencies of New Zealand secondary schools (pdf 256k)

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2004 Series

0407: V Schneider
Simulating the Effects of Marine Reserves as an Additional Management Tool to Paua Harvest Around Stewart Island: An Economic Analysis (pdf 355k) [without graphs]
Graphs for DP0407 (pdf 800k)

0406: W R J Alexander, J D Bell and S Knowles
Quantifying Compliance Costs of Small Businesses in New Zealand (pdf 395k)

0405: R Q Grafton, T Kompas, V Schneider
The Bioeconomics of Marine Reserves:A Selected Review with Policy Implications (pdf 262k)

0404: A Peterson
Price Effects Associated with Changes in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index Composition: The Removal and Replacement of Seven Non-U.S. Companies
(pdf 294k)

0403: W R J Alexander, M Jaforullah
Explaining efficiency differences of New Zealand secondary schools (pdf 248k)

0402: N Winchester
Capital-Skill Complementarity and Rising Wage Inequality in the UK (pdf 227k)

0401: N Winchester
Classroom Tariff Wars: A Tariff Setting Game (pdf 746k)

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2003 Series

0308: R Q Grafton, T Kompas, P Van Ha
On Marine Reserves: Rents, Resilience and ‘Rules of Thumb’ (pdf 165k)

0307: R Q Grafton, F Jotzo, M Wasson
Financing SD:Country Undertakings and Rights for Environmental Sustainability
(pdf 270k)

0306: M Jaforullah, E Premachandra
Sensitivity of Technical Efficiency Estimates to Estimation Approaches: An Investigation Using New Zealand Diary Industry Data (pdf 385k)

0305: S Dobson, J Goddard, C Ramlogan
Convergence in developing countries: evidence from panel unit root tests (pdf 1028k)

0304: R Q Grafton, T Kompas, P D Owen
Productivity, factor accumulation and social networks: theory and evidence (pdf 721k)

0303: N Winchester, M Richardson
ANZUS Free Trade agreements: results from a global model. (pdf 1023k)

0302: S Dobson, C Ramlogan, E Strobl
Why do rates of ß-convergence differ? A meta-regression analysis (pdf 1093k)

0301: S Dobson, C Ramlogan, E Strobl
Cross-country growth and convergence: a semi-parametric analysis (pdf 241k)

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2002 Series

0213: P D Owen
General-to-specific modelling using PcGets (pdf 453k)

0212: S Knowles, J McCombie
Erkin Bairam: 1958-2001. His contribution to Economics (pdf 282k)

0210: J Wallis, B Dollery
Cultural change within the New Zealand and Australian Treasuries (pdf 306k)

0209: S Knowles
Does social capital affect foreign aid allocations? (pdf 439k)

0208: J Wallis, B Dollery
Economic theories of the voluntary sector: a survey of government failure and market failure approaches (pdf 229k)

0207: J Wallis, B Dollery
Local government capacity and social capital (pdf 187k)

0206: J Wallis, B Dollery
Styles of policy leadership and local government reform (pdf 234k)

0205: S Knowles, R Q Grafton
National environmental performance: a cross-sectional analysis (pdf 1229k)

0204: W R J Alexander, H J Sutherland
The occupational distribution of Maori 1997-2000 (pdf 897k)

0203: J Wallis, B Dollery
Policy leadership styles and the process of paradigmatic policy change: Three propositions (pdf 284k)

0202: J Wallis, B Dollery
Leadership and economic theories of non-profit organizations (pdf 224)

0201: J Wallis
An Elsterian analysis of hope and hate groups (pdf 216k)

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2001 Series

0122: P McKenzie
What has been the impact of fiscal policy on long-term interest rates in New Zealand? (pdf 734k)

0121: B Dollery, J Wallis
Local government failure (pdf 208k)

0120: B Dollery, J Wallis
A new institutional perspective on alternative governance mechanisms at the local government level (pdf 335k)

0119: W Chetwin, E I Bairam
The effects of international trade on employment: heterogeneity among 2-digit ISIC manufacturing industries(pdf 834k)

0118: J Wallis, B Dollery
Cultural change within the New Zealand and Australian treasuries (pdf 234k)

0117: J Felipe, JSL McCombie
A problem with some estimations and interpretations of the mark-up in manufacturing industry (pdf 1229k)

0116: J Felipe, JSL McCombie
How sound are the foundations of the aggregate production function? (pdf 897k)

0115: I Sanz, F J Velázquez
The composition of public expenditure and growth: different models of government expenditure, distribution by functions. (pdf 284k)

0114: J Wallis, B Dollery
Cultural re-invention within the New Zealand Treasury (pdf 224)

0113: J Wallis
Different perspectives on leadership in the New Zealand Public Sector: the curious case of Christine Rankin (pdf 216k)

0112: E Bairam
(pdf not available) How to improve the teaching of econometrics to undergraduates

0111: J Parker
Pharmaceutical patent extensions in New Zealand 1953 - 1995
(pdf 255k)

0110: WRJ Alexander, RS McDougall
Collaborative problem solving in student learning
(pdf 422k)

0109: WRJ Alexander
Ethnic gaps and ethnic ratios
(pdf 138k)

0108: WRJ Alexander, M Genç, M Jaforullah
Maori disadvantage in the labour market
(pdf 705k)

0107: WRJ Alexander, J R Williams
A critique of "Maori socio-economic disparity"
(pdf 212k)

0106: E Bairam, K Kulkolkarn
Human capital, production and growth in East Asia
(pdf 842k)

0105: S Knowles
Inequality and economic growth: the empirical relationship reconsidered in the light of comparable data
(pdf 685k)

0104: M Richardson
(pdf not available) Quality and congestion in enviromental goods. The road to the Wangapeka.

0103: D Feldman, M Richardson
(pdf not available) Trade creation and residual quota protection in a free trade area with domestic monopoly

0102: M Richardson
Unilateral liberalisation in a multilateral world
(pdf 221k)

0101: M Perkins, N Devlin, P Hansen
Maori health state preferences: a pilot study
(pdf 298k)


For other working papers please visit the School of Business Digital Repository at

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